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Fri 04 October 2013

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As the title indicate, this post is about coffee. I just want to list all advantages due to drinking coffee, the best drink ever. When you drink coffee:

  • you do (stupid) things faster
  • you do things with more energy (and less time to think about it)
  • while you're drinking coffee, you're not eating junk food (at least after tasting it, you won't do it anymore)
  • you know the reason of your (hopefully future) death: heart attack or lack of sleep
  • because of drinking, you won't suffer dehydration
  • you can use your favorite mug
  • E=MC2 (Energy = Milk.Coffee2)
  • because coffee is opaque, you won't know if your mug is dirty (so don't wash it)
  • contrary to cigarets, consume it don't bother your neighbors
  • it's warm (useful in winter)
  • You'll be awake 24/7
  • you help poor countries' exportation

I thinks for those reasons, you must drink coffee

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