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Fri 19 September 2014

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One year ago,  I begun this blog. The first post was about what I expected from the blog. Lets look backward. This blog contains:

  • about 60 posts published
  • almost all are posts in english
  • few posts are in french (mostly at the begining)
  • 8 posts about this blog
  • a rapidly growing number of posts about aviation
  • a majority of posts about computer science (hardware, programming, programming languages, system, [latex]LaTeX[/latex] )
  • only one post about finance (thank you Luciano)
  • more thant ten posts still in draft (requiring some research to be finished)
  • 2 authors (thank you Luciano, again)
  • visits from 300 unique IP adresses per week (about 10% belongs to google)

As expected, it acts as a reminder for myself about technical subjects (made by myself for myself, but publicly available), and as a place to fix some reflexions with some references needed to forge my opinion. Now I can tell I want this blog to hold technical stuff that are not too easy (many tutorial exists all around the internet for that) nor specialised (many specialists write many articles and present them in conference) but just in between . Namely not for beginners nor experts.

Major search engine's bot (google, bing, yahoo, archive, yandex, exalead, baidu, moz, openlinkprofiler, commoncrawl) have crawled the blog at least once, google being the first to come, the more active (surely the one with the more up to date database) and the less agressive: it comes several times per month and each time request exactly 2 pages per hour (yes, its crawling takes some time)

I tested 2 CMS for this blog. I documented the transition. I used movable type for only two month.  Wordpress has some advantages, the biggest one being the huge and active community. This implies a large set of tools and plugins more or less usefull.

I think I'll begin the next year by finding a meaning to the name Cormul.

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file d'attente

Fri 20 September 2013
Je me suis posé une question très simple: qu'est-ce que je vais faire de ce blog? Quels sont mes attentes?
J'ai tellement d'idées que je ne sais pas vraiment. Pour l'instant, je n'ai aucun projet cohérent.
Donc voilà ce que je pense en faire:
  • un pense bête pour tous les …

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Mentions légales

Thu 19 September 2013
Ce site étant hébergé en France, la loi me demande de mettre en ligne des mentions légales.
elles sont par .
Si j’ai bien compris, elles servent a me contacter au cas où j’utiliserai de manière abusive ce blog, c’est-à-dire au cas où je publierai (c’est …

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