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Sun 27 October 2013
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I finished migration from movabletype to wordpress . So here is all what I have done.

blog backup

I made a backup of all files (a simple tar.gz ) and a database dump (mysqldump is your friend). it was not compulsary as the needed file is the one from the export tool . Anyway, it’s a good idea to make a backup before big maintenance operation to put it back online if it fails.

wordpress installation

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The computer this blog is installed on is a debian-running one, and the wordpress debian package is designed for a computer running only one website (dedicated computer). But mine run several website and other services (ftp, ssh). I know, that is not good to have multiple services on the same computer, it’s better to isolate each application in case of bug that could spread its vulnerability (e.g. vulnerability that can execute arbitrary code with root privileges ).

The process I follow was a personal one, with many useless steps, and here it is:

  1. wordpress debian package installation (also install dependencies) ( aptitude build-dep install only dependencies)
  2. wordpress lastest tarball download
  3. comparison of file obtained with the 2 previous steps
  4. decision to follow the standard installation process

I create a dedicated user for wordpress operations. I added this user to www-data group. What is important is that the user running the web server (www-data in my case) have enough rights to access wordpress file. My solution is to change the group owner of every wordpress file to www-data group and adjust group’s file permissions , and only group’s permission.

open door policy

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Another way is to add the user running webserver to the group owning wordpress files. All other permissions solution would grant to much rights. (there is no need to have a door if it’s always full opened)

A difficulty is the web server configuration. I run an apache2 and host multiple websites on my computer, so I must have configured virtual host options. here is a sample of my config file ( /etc/apache2/site-available/mysite.conf )
<Directory /home/wordpress>        Options Indexes        Require all granted        Options FollowSymLinks        <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>        RewriteEngine On        RewriteBase /        RewriteRule ^index\.php$ - [L]        RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f        RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d        RewriteRule . /index.php [L]        </IfModule>        #other apache instructions        </Directory>        <VirtualHost *:80>        ServerAdmin manu+blog@hbrt.eu        ServerName manu.hbrt.eu        DocumentRoot /home/wordpress/        # other apache2 conf. instructions        </VirtualHost>

I recommand the use of one site-available config file per site. this way, you put it online (offline) using a2ensite mysite ( a2dissite mysite ) followed by service apache2 reload .

If you notice any suspicious line in the config file, please tell me. Excuse me for the indentation I don’t know how to reproduce using the <code> tag

content importation

I installed the movabletype and typepad importation plugin. It work well. nothing to say about. I adjust few details such as the about page and some internal hyperlink addresses.

plugin installation

You just need to follow the standard plugin installation process . Nothing to worry about.


This plugin is fun. It suggests images and others articles related to the post you are writing while your are writing. I think it’s a great way toeasily  enhance article. It also provide you a list of tags. I admit I would not put any tags otherwise.

Movable Type and TypePad Importer

I deactivated this plugin as soon as all my posts from my previous movable type were restored and reread.

add from server

Because I don’t have always my computer to blog, I decided to use this plugin. I upload some media files on the computer running wordpress, and I can use them when I want.

random post widget

I want any new reader to be able to read one or two article to see if this blog fit its needs, so I installed this widget. When you have time and want to read an article from this blog but don’t want to choose, let this widget choose for you.


I’m happy with the migration. wordpress is as easy to use as movable type, but with larger community. It evolves quickly, and is still stable. I still don’t know if I’ll test other blog CMS.

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