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Mon 23 June 2014
English: OPML Icon (128x128) PNG Format.

OPML Icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I want to share the source of my opinions, I decided to put a blogroll on this blog. (Un)fortunatly, the number of blog I (try to) follow is huge. I have a backup of this list on a OPML file, as any reasonable unix user that want to be able to switch from one RSS feed reader to another one easily.

I decided to use the OPML importer for wordpress. I got some trouble with it, it said “Cheatin’ uh?”. The solution is to install another plugin first. I don’t like adding dependencies by hand. This is a good way to make mistake in component installation/deinstalation and thus opening big security holes du to (almost) impossible maintenance.

Be careful, the plugin that should be installed first is link manager and not rss link manager .

Hop, I update the about page and add a blogroll with some links inside.

Still working on the configuration of the link manager plugin. Note that the title of the widget is based on the categorie of the link (links menu added by the links manager plugin).

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