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Wed 24 July 2019
Jupyter and a Python (almost) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Following the isolation of python environements and given I use jupyter notebooks, isolating jupyter kernels inside virtualenv is a logical step.

To do so, you must install a new kernel using the ipython you installed inside your virtualenv:

  1. Create your virtualenv
  2. Install ipython inside your virtualenv (use pip)
  3. Create a new kernel
ipython kernel install --user --name="test"

3. Start your jupyter-notebook. You can now choose your new kernel (listed just below the python3 kernel). You can also change your kernel on an existing notebook.

Kernel selection menu (last item)

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Python virtualenv: quick reference

Sun 21 July 2019
Virtual environement (Photo credit: wikipedia)

To isolate python developments, I use virtualenv. This allow me to forget about the specific python version used for each project, avoid interferences with the default python installation and between my projects, is relatively light, and may have other advantages I cannot imagine with my …

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