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Thu 09 April 2015

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The problem I faced is a friend sharing photos only on facebook. The problem could have been on other web platform offering the ability to share medias such as photos and videos. The solution I found is to use the kipi-plugin included in my favourite photo manager.

To import/export media from/to facebook, the procedure is the following, and for other platforms it may be very similar:

  1. open a web browser and log in facebook
  2. open your photos manager with kipi-plugins
  3. activate the facebook import/export plugin (may already be done)
  4. open the facebook importer
  5. click on the change account button
  6. quickly copy the URL of the new open tab in your web browser (the page may be refreshed and thus the URL changed)
  7. paste this URL into your plugin window

The rest is straighforward.

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