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Tue 09 June 2015

The canonical way to draw a mindmap in LaTeX seems to be using the ad-hoc tikz module.

Quick beginner guide

  1. use the tikz package adding in the preamble usepackage{tikz}
  2. load the mindmap module using usetikzlibrary{mindmap}
  3. begin your tikz picture with begin{tikzpicture}[mindmap] (you may add others options) and end it with end{tikzpicture}
  4. begin your root node with node[concept] and end it with a semicolon
  5. add child node with child[]{node[concept]{}}
  • think of the nodes’ background color (black text on black background is not recommended)
  • if your mindmap is big, you may consider using and empty page style
  • the default expand direction is not necessarily the right one, and child node inherit of their parent’s default expand direction. You may consider change it at least for the 1^{st} level

Simple working example

This is my simple working example . There are many more that can be found on the Internet.

The code:


\begin{tikzpicture}[mindmap, concept color=red!50]
\node[concept]{Big root}
        child[grow=0] {node[concept]{Lorem}
                child {node[concept]{Ipsum}}
                child {node[concept]{Dolor}}
                child {node[concept]{Sit met}}}
        child[grow=45] {node[concept]{Concecteur}
                child {node[concept]{Preasent}}
                child {node[concept]{Hendredit}}
                child {node[concept]{Sapien}}}
        child[grow=90] {node[concept]{Ut eros}
                child {node[concept]{Tincidunt}}
                child {node[concept]{In rutrum}}}
        child[grow=135] {node[concept]{nunc lobortis} []
                child {node[concept]{Nunc aliquet blandit}
                        child {node[concept]{Velit a pharetra}}}}
        child[grow=180] {node[concept]{Proi interdum}}
        child[grow=-45] {node[concept]{Sem non tempor}}
        child[grow=-90] {node[concept]{Fusce eu}
                child {node[concept]{Nisi sem}}}
        child[grow=-135] {node[concept]{Proin convallis}
                child {node[concept]{Felis quis lustuc}}
                child {node[concept]{Tristique}
                        child {node[concept]{Ante diam rhoncus lorem}}}}

\node[extra concept] at (0,-15) {Condimentum}
        child[grow=right, concept color=gray!50] {node[extra concept]{Varius}}

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