Movable type and plugin installation

Tue 01 October 2013
When I decided to open a blog, I choose to use a CMS I didn't know about. The result is that it was not easy.
This post describe the main steps.
  • The choice of a CMS
  • The location of the blog
  • The installation of the CMS
  • The installation of the plugin(s)

I think all these steps should have their own post on this blog, but I want to write as soon as possible for freshness of my experience. Don't expect explanation on choice

choice of the CMS
I wanted a CMS with active community, but not the most spread one. A look inside debian packages database result in a short list. Into this short list, movabletype sounds the sexiest, so I chose it.
location of the blog
Because I've got some skills in administrating debian, I choose to put my blog on debian-powered computer. My little experience running a computer reachable from the internet 24/7 at home show me it was not a good idea to put deploy a web site on such home-located computer. So this website is running on a VPS I rent.
installation of the CMS
I thought this step would have been the easiest. I was wrong. The debian package on the testing release (the release I prefer to run) was out of date and work better when hosting only one website on the computer. After some time spent trying to solve complicated problems, I decided to follow the instructions. The few modification I made are the following:
  • the chmod to more restrictive permission. The only user that must access the files is the one running the web server (www-data in my case). In my installation, the user owning all the files is not www-data but the group www-datahas permissions needed.
  • only the cgi files are to be executed (chmod g+x). other files has to be only be readable and (sub)folders has to be writable (and executable to go into them)
Once more, I thought debian's packages would have been easier to use. It's the second time since I use debian (roughly since 2007) I think debian's packages are harder to use than tarball. You can compare this rate with other OS troubleshoot you face. My advice: use plugin's instruction.
The only plugin I use for the moment is the zemanta plugin. I found latter that a firefox plugin exists. Thus, it may be useless to include it in a weblog engine. Tell me if I'm wrong, and why.
The next plugin I'll install will be to use LaTeX syntax.

Still, I'm wandering if I won't migrate this blog to something lighter (nanoblogger, blosxom, blaze,...). I just want to blog, using some syntax I know (markdown, LaTeX, ...)

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