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Mon 28 October 2013
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I have some troubleshoot installing one of my prefered web search engine yacy . My best advise would be to install in on a debian running computer. The package is OK, the default configuration run well, and you just start is as every other service

  • start it with service          yacy start
  • update your running level configuration with `update-rc.d <http://www.unix.com/man-page/All/8/update-rc.d/>`__
  • access other configurations with dpkg-reconfigure          yacy and by accessing http://localhost:8090 with your prefered web browser
  • if running on remote computer, you must first set admin passord (dpkg-reconfigure is your friend) before modifying configuration through the web interface .
But as you can imagine, I also try to run it on my archlinux . This is not as easy to make it run on an archlinux . It is available trough AUR .
I never succeed to make it work as require (using systemd , systemctl and all that stuff). So I deactivated it (as usual when I install a deamon, because I want to start them manually), and I start it throught the command nice /opt/yacy/yacy start . To know this command, I looked at init script, and run it separatly. It worked. It was Ok for me, I never try to make more clean startup script.

Yes I use a nice because I don’t want my computer to prioritise a non interactive process while I’m using it.

Wouaa! it’s the first time zemanta plugin propose my related articles that was writen by me. I won’t put them in the related article section as link to them are already present in this article.

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