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Wed 24 July 2019
Jupyter and a Python (almost) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Following the isolation of python environements and given I use jupyter notebooks, isolating jupyter kernels inside virtualenv is a logical step.

To do so, you must install a new kernel using the ipython you installed inside your virtualenv:

  1. Create your virtualenv
  2. Install ipython inside your virtualenv (use pip)
  3. Create a new kernel
ipython kernel install --user --name="test"

3. Start your jupyter-notebook. You can now choose your new kernel (listed just below the python3 kernel). You can also change your kernel on an existing notebook.

Kernel selection menu (last item)

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awesome global shortcut

Mon 04 January 2016
Multimedia keyboard

Multimedia keyboard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The awesome window manager does not provide GUI configuration tool.

Here is a litte how to to provide a feature using global shortcut, illustrated with wolume control.

Defining and identifying the feature and the shortcut

The wanted feature is usually accessible via the CLI . For …

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yahoo openID issue

Thu 02 October 2014

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Recently, I've encountered an issue using my yahoo openID. This is the standard way I used to log in stackexchange. I don't know where and when was the change made, but it seems I'm not the ony one …

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